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Rosedale Middle School to Host Inaugural Hall of Fame Ceremony

Rosedale Middle School will host its Inaugural Hall of Fame ceremony to honor its illustrious alums. 

The ceremony will take place at Rosedale Middle School Saturday, October 22, at 3 p.m. Rosedale Middle School is located at 3600 Springfield Ave., in Kansas City, Kansas. 

The ceremony will honor then-former Rosedale High School students who achieved great things in life. One of the most notable graduates is Frank Leslie Hagaman. He served as the thirty-first Governor of Kansas. Hagaman assumed the duties of Kansas Governor from November 1950 to January 1951. His stint as governor would last exactly forty-one days. 

Other distinguished alums at Rosedale High School would become Olympic athletes, doctors, law professionals, pro athletes, city leaders, and even Pulitzer Prize-winning authors.  

During the ceremony, leaders at Rosedale Middle will also acknowledge those who helped break the color barrier that existed at the school in the 1960s.

“This event will help make connections to the past, the present, and hopefully influence our current-day students,” said Rosedale Middle School Principal Travis Helm.  

“Our Hall of Fame inductees have created the path to success and have blazed the trail that anything is possible. What great role models for the current students of Rosedale. The positive impacts they’ve made are immeasurable,” said Rosedale Hall of Fame Inductee Luiz Mendez.

Rosedale Senior High School merged with Argentine Senior High School to form J.C. Harmon High in 1973. The former Rosedale High was later converted into a middle high school.

For more information, call Markl Johnson at 913-609-0140.